The Hukilau 2017 Mug - Special Edition by Tiki Tony & Eeukum Bookum

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The first edition of this mug sold out quickly. All of the mugs have a limited production number, so like the first edition, this second edition production is limited to 200 mugs.

The glaze and shading on this new release has a wonderful light green hue. Maybe this poor guy wasn't feeling well before he met his ultimate demise?

So Cal artist Tiki Tony has been one of our most popular artists at The Hukilau. Tony has been doing logo design and illustration work for companies, restaurants, and bars like Jungle Bird in Sacramento, Under Tow in Phoenix, Tonga Hut in Palm Springs and Hollywood, and Trader Sam’s at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Inspired by Tony's design, Eeukum Bookum sculpted and created this amazing mug for The Hukilau 2017